It is nearly now a month since I collected the Cadenza.

Such a beautiful sounding and crafted guitar, it is a joy to play and I love it.

It plays extremely well and I am sure that it will over time sound even better.

Playing and practicing is such a pleasure.

Thanks again 

Andrew Dickson, Spruce top, March 2021

Having returned to the classical guitar after a twenty year break, I finally decided to replace my forty year old guitar,. and I bought a spruce Cadenza. The old guitar was fine, so I thought, but the Cadenza has rather shown up its deficiencies. It’s tone is better, the trebles ring clearly and the basses are more full and round. My old guitar had the odd note which always sounded slightly muffled, on the Cadenza they all ring out clearly. The Cadenza overall a bit louder. A small bonus is that the corners of the body are a bit more rounded making it more comfortable for the right arm to rest on the guitar. I also like the simple aesthetics of the Cadenza.
So I am very happy with my Cadenza. It was a pleasure to visit Bexhill-on-Sea to try the spruce and cedar versions, and Sabrina’s cake is good if you get the chance 

Sebastian Springbett, Spruce top, April 2021