This is my first proper guitar. As I am only 11 I was worried about playing a full size guitar but I found it easy to play and I can barre on it without any problems. I've played two concerts with it in my first week and it's wonderful to not worry about struggling to project the sound and knowing my audience can hear everything I do clearly even in a big concert hall. The best way I can think of to describe how this guitar is to think of it like a drawing. Until now it's like I have always painted in black and white; but now it's like someone has given me a box of different colours and now I can paint everything I see, exactly the way I see it, with all the wonderful colours I was never able to paint before. Thank you to Stephen and Sabrina I love my new guitar

P. Austin, Spruce top, June 2022

Wow! Just Wow! The guitar is absolutely amazing, it sounds and looks superb.
I would just like to thank you both for making the whole experience of getting the guitar made so pleasurable. From the warm welcome when I came to visit, the time you took to allow me to play and listen to the guitars and being shown around the workshop, the pictures of the stages of the guitar being built to checking I received the delivery ok. The whole experience was a pleasure and you ensured that it all felt special. 

D. Jones, Cedar top, March 2022

I am very pleased with it, you have set it up perfectly and it sounds great. String spacing and action perfect. It has a very easy feel on the neck and strings. Excellent. You've done a wonderful job, it was well worth waiting for!

Many thanks, and thanks Sabrina for all the customer support and keeping me well informed of progress.

Regards and very satisfied customer 

S. Gartshore, Cedar top, March 2022

I have known Steve since he began life as a luthier. His abilities working with wood impressed me from the start of our friendship. It has been fascinating to watch his development to the heights that he has reached now. The guitars that he makes now are clearly top of the line. I have had a number of guitars by other makers pass through my hands, always looking for 'that sound'. I recently purchased a Spruce Cadenza model from Steve that has 'that sound'. The musicality is highly developed. There is great balance across the strings and an evenness of sound on all frets. I have found no lesser notes anywhere. The guitar has but a few days of playing in my hands and there is clearly much to come as it ages. I chose the Cadenza because it spoke to me on the day. On another occasion I might well have chosen one of Steve's other models, all great.

G. Wilkin, Spruce top, 2022

I looked at a lot of options before deciding to buy a Cadenza guitar from Stephen Eden and I am happy that I have made a good decision. The instrument has been customized with a 63 cm scale and low action making it easier for my fairly short fingers without compromising the sound or the appearance. It’s enjoyable to play and I am looking forward to extending my repertoire.

A.R. Paine, Cedar Top, December 2021

The guitar sounded beautiful from the moment that I took it out of its case. Its tone is warm and round with deep, lovely basses and sweet, rich trebles that maintain their integrity all the way up the neck. It is also beautifully balanced, which makes it easy to pick out and separate voices; it is extremely comfortable and easy to play for both the left and the right hands; and its dynamic range and tonal palette are wonderful. The quality of the Cadenza surpasses that of instruments that are far more expensive than the price asked for by Stephen and Sabrina, both of whom made the experience of purchasing a Cadenza a true pleasure. The care they took and the attention they provided to the particular nut width, string spacing, action height, and even neck shape and dimensions for which I asked was absolutely unfaltering – and, to top things off, they are also fun to work with! Thank you both for such a wonderful experience and guitar.

A. Kulak, Spruce top, 2021

It is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that looks superb and feels very comfortable to play.
Thank you to Stephen for his consummate luthiery and your good self for keeping me updated about everything- I shall have to try now to be worthy of such a super instrument! 

R. Clark, Cedar top, September 2021

The Cadenza guitar is just FANTASTIC and I can't stop playing it since I have got back. The balance and warmth is wonderful and it has plenty of projection.
For me personally I have found the Cadenza model very kind on my left hand and this enables me to hold barre chords for much longer, reducing counterproductive hand-tiring on my behalf....definitely an added bonus!  

M. Mullen, Cedar top, September 2021

I have worked on my technique to take advantage of the balanced rich base tones and sweet sounding trebles which gives me a better overall sound than with my Ramirez
The guitar is so easy to play and feels alive in my hands.
I can honestly say that this guitar is as good and surpasses many top name instruments that I have played in the past.

S. Sawford, Cedar top, August 2021

I am very happy. A true concert instrument capable of nuances and colour, responsive and clear all the way up the neck .I felt connected to it straight away

M. Brydon, Cedar top, August 2021

Having returned to the classical guitar after a twenty year break, I finally decided to replace my forty year old guitar,. and I bought a spruce Cadenza. The old guitar was fine, so I thought, but the Cadenza has rather shown up its deficiencies. It’s tone is better, the trebles ring clearly and the basses are more full and round. My old guitar had the odd note which always sounded slightly muffled, on the Cadenza they all ring out clearly. The Cadenza overall a bit louder. A small bonus is that the corners of the body are a bit more rounded making it more comfortable for the right arm to rest on the guitar. I also like the simple aesthetics of the Cadenza.
So I am very happy with my Cadenza. It was a pleasure to visit Bexhill-on-Sea to try the spruce and cedar versions, and Sabrina’s cake is good if you get the chance 

S. Springbett, Spruce top, April 2021

It is nearly now a month since I collected the Cadenza.
Such a beautiful sounding and crafted guitar, it is a joy to play and I love it.
It plays extremely well and I am sure that it will over time sound even better.
Playing and practicing is such a pleasure.
Thanks again 

A. Dickson, Spruce top, March 2021